Digital Marketing Agency Australia

At Up The Hill Digital we are not just someone overseas trying to sell you a dream, we are real people in Australia, doing real work and not short cutting it. So many of our clients have been dubbed by bigger agencies or overseas virtual assistants and being left with a huge bill with nothing to show for. We will not only take your business on as if its our own but we will strive to get you ahead of the game and making your dreams a reality.

  • SEO

    Struggling to get seen on Google? Not sure where to start or not one of your strengths? Don't worry! Our speciality is SEO and helping clients rank organically plus ensuring all the right google tools are connected.

  • Social Media

    Do you have the content but not the time to put into scheduling and creating a kill social media plan? Let us help you put together a plan and get you posting regularly on social media.

  • UGC Creator

    Not only do we offer Digital Marketing services but we also offer UGC work. Let us help you create the content of your dreams (Plus we have amazing locations to shoot at and puppies to help).

  • Google Ads

    Just started SEO or looking to get ahead of your competitors quicker? Then Google Ads is for you. We our strategic strategy we will help get you seen through paid ads and start creating conversions with a low CPC.

  • Meta Ads

    The power of Facebook/Meta Ads is only getting stronger and more enhanced. We use strategic marketing funnel campaigns to get your brand seen or to target particular audiences. We can also grow your database through ads.

  • Email Marketing

    Did you know that email marketing is basically a set and forget for your website through strategic flows? Thats right, sit back and watch your flows work their magic and bring in conversions. We use Klaviyo for our clients.

  • Shopify Web Design

    Not sure where to start with your website? Don't have a brand kit (Or we like to call it your brands bible)? Don't worry we can make things feel simpler and less confusing by getting your dream website online.