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Google toughens up on Spammy, Low Quality Content

Are you someone who has fallen in to the trap of using AI's to write your content out or website information? Well you might want to think again about hitting enter on your next bot as Google is cracking down on spammy and low quality content.

What is Google Search?

Google Search is the platform most users use to find the best of what they are searching for ie. Black Fitted Dress with Long Sleeves. So if your website has SEO implemented correctly and your site is active then you are most likely ranking high up on Google Search.

So, What is changing? 

  • Improved Quality Ranking
  • New and Improved Spam Policies¬†

What does 'Improved Quality Ranking' mean for business owners?

Say goodbye to unoriginal content in search results as Google are making algorithmic enhancements to their core ranking systems, meaning they are reducing any unoriginal content and ensuring that the most helpful information on the web is being prioritised as well as original work.

So when did this start happening? Google actually started cracking down on unhelpful, unoriginal content in 2022 and began tuning their ranking systems to help those producing high-quality original content rank and help the consumers find what they are after faster. 

What does this mean for you as a business owner with a website? Short story, start producing high-quality content that maps out exactly what the consumer is looking for and the correct keywords to help Google better understand what the user is looking for. 

Spam Policies on Google being Updated 2024

Google is nutting down on their spam policy that has been in place for many years and they are continually updating their systems to fight against abusive practices that are usually created by non-humans aka AI's. These manipulative behaviours are being addressed on a much deeper level to help reduce spammy content. Let's dive into this a lil deeper.

What is Scaled Content Abuse?

Scaled Content abuse is when someone creates and generates low-quality or unoriginal content at large (ie. Entire Product Page and Description) with the idea in mind to manipulate the system to thinking it is original content filled with SEO keywords. Although, Google has stated that it can sometimes be hard to understand the difference between humans, automations or combined efforts they are constantly updating their systems and strengthening policies. So, rule of thumb, no more generating and producing content at a scale to try boost search ranking.

What does Site Reputation Abuse mean?

It is often found that a website will have its own original content however it is considered low-quality content that has been provided by third parties, often this happens when a business wants to capitalise on the websites strong reputation. As an example a clothing company advertising on a banks website to try gain ranking benefits. This can lead to misleading customers/clients and confuse them.

So if you are a website with site reputation abuse, you will have until the 5th May 2024 to make changes before Google comes in and make reinforcements and essentially you will be red flagged and loose ranking. 

What does Expired Domain Abuse mean?

Thought about buying or taking over an expired domain that has good search ranking but low-quality or unoriginal content? You may want to think about as this can be very misleading and Google has now stated that this type of behaviour is considered spam. It will be much easier to start a new website from scratch to ensure you have high-quality and original content. 

Over to you

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