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Can you use SEO on Instagram?

Did you know that you can now use SEO on Instagram to help you not only go viral but rank higher PLUS it is actually a whole lot simpler than you are thinking! Lets dive into how you can start ranking on Instagram with SEO.

Can you use SEO Keywords on Instagram?

Welcome to 2024 where Keywords are becoming stronger and stronger on the gram! That is right, Keywords are now such a thing, such a thing that they are starting to take over hashtags... Yep! We said it! 

The very first task you have to create successful content with successful keywords is mapping out search terms that people are using to find content that is on par with your own. We highly recommend tools like SEMRUSH to find these. 

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Are Hashtags like Keywords on Instagram?

They are very similar now, so similar that you can just use keywords rather than hashtags but if you still want to do both we always suggest using 3-5 relevant hashtags to your content and niche. Try staying away from generic hashtags like #instagram #socialmedia. 

We also, just thought we would let you know that popping your hashtags into your comment sections no long works (hehe) your hashtags need to be in the caption for Instagram to consider them as keywords or even have the ability to show up on search results. 

Can you Optimise Alt Text on Instagram to help your SEO?

We highly-highly recommend always adding alt text to your posts descriptions, it not only helps those with visual impairments but it is also a good way to communicate to Instagram what the content is exactly. In-fact Instagram uses object recognition technology which creates automatic descriptions of each photo, however we always recommend writing for humans and not allowing bots to do the work. 

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Does Location on Instagram help SEO?

Always pop on your location when posting on Instagram (Make sure you are a business account first), your location will always appear on your profile page and it will help Instagram rank you in the search engine, bonus points if you use your business location so it is taggable! 

Are you ready to take on Social Media or do you need some help with it?

At Up The Hill Digital we have some basic and budget friendly packages available to clients either looking for some regular posting or help with SEO.

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